3D Site Scanning

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3D Site Scanning

MaltbyPro 3D Laser Site Scanning: Accurate, Time-saving and Immersive
3D laser site scanning is a highly efficient, time-saving and cost-effective solution for any business that requires in-depth site, building or property surveys. From the construction industry to property services, this non-contact resource captures thousands of 3D images and merges them together to turn any space into a precise and easy to navigate virtual model.
MaltbyPro has teamed up with tech company Matterport to offer a digital site scanning service, providing thorough and detailed site surveys.

Who can use 3D laser site scanning?

Construction industry: 3D laser scanning is particularly beneficial to the construction industry. It allows for works to be documented and checked from pre-start to project sign off. Scans can be undertaken at the very beginning of construction projects, before any work has started, to allow teams to familiarise themselves with a site. Site scanning can be carried out during the works to feedback on progress and to pre-empt any potential issues. It can also be used to scan finished projects to report back to stakeholders, as well as providing critical maintenance information to facility managers.

Property businesses: estate agents and property management companies can utilise 3D site scanning to provide immersive property walk-throughs. Ideal for clients from out of the area, those who can’t visit properties in person or for those who want a sense of how a property flows.
Commercial property: commercial property management companies can have 3D site scans of new office spaces they wish to fill, allowing potential clients to get a sense of the floorplan and select the suitable space for their needs.
Architects and designers: regardless of the size of the site or property, architects and designers can benefit enormously from being able to visualise a property’s layout and footprint before planning renovations or building works.

What are the benefits of 3D laser site scanning?

Time-saving: not only is 3D site scanning a physically quick process, it saves businesses a lot of time in having plans drawn and models constructed. 3D scanning is 99% accurate. It makes a site easy to visualise and is straightforward and quick to share with all necessary parties. It’s far easier to manage one 3D site scan than thousands of 2D photos.
Cost-saving: one 3D scan be used multiple times. The scan results in an immersive digital experience, allowing the space to be visualised at each step and by every stakeholder. Documentation is critical for construction projects and a 3D site scan undertaken whilst works are being carried out can verify that the construction is being performed to standards and according to design.
Problem-solving: 3D site scanning allows for progress to be tracked and can allow different stakeholders to plan. Floor plans and ceiling plans can be studied, for example, to allow for cabling and pipework. We have produced plantroom walk-throughs to allow facility managers to see the source of a site problem. 3D site scans can be used in CAD/BIM programmes, ​such as AutoCAD and Revit.
Customer engagement: it’s easy to engage with potential clients by sharing 3D scans. The scans can also be linked, embedded or published to Google Street View or MLS listings. A 3D scan of a house brings it to life, allowing potential buyers to visualise living space and flow.
3D laser site scanning is a safe, non-contact way for your business to share floor plans, site plans and undertake surveys. For more information on how MaltbyPro 3D laser site scanning could work for you, please contact us at hello@maltbypro.co.uk or call +44 (0) 207 157 9609.

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